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A personal injury can be a devastating event physically, emotionally, and financially. By contacting a Stockton personal injury attorney Lance V. Friel the personal injury victims can find out if they are qualified to collect compensation for the injury and damages sustained. It is always wise to confer with a Stockton injury lawyer as soon as the injury occurs to find out the legal rights and options available and to make sure the personal injury individual’s rights are protected.

We represented clients in cases involving but not limited to:

Automobile Accidents

These accidents and the injuries from accidents are by far the most common. With all the existing safeguards in place over 10 traffic collisions occurring every year which lead to serious injuries that can linger for life like neck and back injuries as a result of whiplash to worst case scenario like permanent disability and even death. If you have been involved in a car accident contact our office as soon as possible. Do not speak with insurance companies or give them a statement. Our team of experienced attorneys and professional staff will handle all the aspects of the case and will aggressively pursue appropriate compensation for your injuries. Learn more about auto accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

These accidents involve collisions of motorcycles. Riders will usually obey all traffic laws but the careless or negligence of drivers in other vehicles will cause a failure to see the rider in their mirrors or a failure to check the blind spot which will lead to a collision and injuries. Since the rider is not buckled like in other motor vehicles, they will be thrown from their motorcycle and the injuries they sustain can be very serious. Treatment of the injuries can get very expensive, very quickly. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident contact our office as soon as possible and our attorneys will discuss your options and protect your rights. Learn more about motorcycle accidents.

Bicycle Accidents – Personal Injury Attorney, Stockton CA

Many in the State of California love to ride their bicycles for health and environment reasons. However, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that over 52,000 bicycle related injuries occurred in 2010. Just like any other vehicle bicycles have their place on the road, but due to inattentiveness and negligence drivers fail to see them. If you have been involved in an accident while riding your bicycle, contact our office as soon as possible. Obtaining the advice of experienced attorney as soon as the injury occurs is critical. Our attorney will handle the insurance company, will deal with property damage and obtain just compensation for you.

Boating Accidents

When operating a recreational vessel, steps can be taken to prevent a California boat accident injury or to minimize the damage if an accident occurs:Always wear life jackets and dress for possible immersion. Be aware that cold weather is more dangerous: there are fewer boaters and patrols to rescue those in distress, and the water is much colder. Do not drink alcohol while on the water. When in larger bodies of water, take advantage of available distress-alerting and position-indicating technologies. Learn more about boating accidents.

Dog Bites

Over 70 million dogs are registered in the U.S. and over 4 million dog bites occur every year. Bites and mauling are not an expected occurrence and can often lead to devastating results. With children usually being the subjects of dog attacks, dog attacks often leave both physical and mental scars. Contact our office as soon as possible so our team of attorneys can properly evaluate your case and protect your rights. Learn more about dog bite injuries.

Premises Liability

These claim pertain to injuries that result on the property of another. Most often this type of law is associated with slip and fall/trip and fall cases, but this liability extends beyond just those cases. Any injury that is acquired on the property of another because of the property owner’s or property manager’s failure to inform individuals of the dangerous conditions of the property will be covered by premises liability. Injuries that were the result of stair collapses, balcony and deck collapses, dog bites, injuries by fire, negligent security and pool injuries all fall under the premises liability law. Learn more about Slip & Fall Accidents.

Product Liability

Stockton accident lawyer helps with claims pertain to injuries that result from the use of a defective product. When anyone purchases a product they expect the product to be without defect, be reasonably safe, and perform as designed. Product defects that were overlook on the assembly line or a design flaw can lead to serious injuries. Learn more about defective product cases.

Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall

These injuries usually happen in the supermarkets or convenience stores fall under the premises liability section of law. These accidents result from a stores failure to notify the unsuspecting customers of the foreseeable danger. After the floors are washed or buffed, or when the unexpected spillage occurs making the floor slippery the store management is required to make all foreseeable victims (customers) aware of the danger, which is usually done by posting of a sign. When the store’s management fails to do so and the injury to a customer occurs as a result the store must be held responsible.

Catastrophic Injuries – Stockton Accident Lawyer

These injuries include brain injuries, burn injuries, spinal injuries, etc. To represent clients who are victims of the catastrophic injuries takes experience and knowledge. The injuries that require long term hospitalization or long term care must be handled by an attorneys who have experience handling these claim. Our injury attorneys have the necessary understanding and know-how of the legal field to obtain just compensation.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death as a result of someone else’s negligence or carelessness is infuriating, frustrating and tragic. No amount of money will fully compensate the loss of life but amid the sorrow and confusion you must protect your legal rights. The financial burden (funeral expenses, loss of an income) is daunting and the wrongful death claim means to hold the negligent or careless party accountable for their actions.
Learn more about Wrongful Death Accidents.

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