Stockton Injury Attorney

Stockton Injury Attorney

Just about the highest selling new gadget on the market today is the hoverboard. Children and adults alike have been purchasing these new travel gadgets in staggering numbers. Like other new portable electronics such as the smart phone and E-Cigarette, hoverboards are powered by lithium ion batteries. Progress in the lithium ion battery industry has allowed manufacturers to create larger and more powerful battery powered electronics, but this progress does not come without its dangers.If you have been injured from an exploding battery in a hoverboard or another device, contact a Stockton injury attorney.

Dangers of Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium ion batteries are powerful tools that have driven the development of our portable electronics industry. These batteries can pack a lot of power into a small space and are fully rechargeable. They use an alkali chemical solution inside a battery pack to transfer and store electric energy and the battery is divided into a positive and negative side which is separated by a thin sheet of plastic. Each side has a different chemical composition, and if the separating wall is damaged, the battery can heat up and explode. One does not need to stab the battery or cause excessive damage to start a fire, the batteries can come from the factory defective and explode without warning.

A curious individual may ask why we continue to use lithium ion batteries if they have a propensity to explode? We continue to use them because the energy density of a lithium ion battery is significantly higher than the other forms of battery technology available today, meaning that a smaller and lighter lithium ion battery can get the job done more efficiently.If you have any more questions, contact an accident lawyer in Stockton for advice.

Injuries from Lithium Ion Battery Explosions

  • Flame Burns – Burns to victim’s legs, buttocks, torso, face, arms and / or hands. Smoke inhalation injuries as a result of fire to property have also been reported
  • Chemical Burns – The alkali chemical solution used in the power transfer system leaks out of the battery casing as a result of damage, causing chemical burns.
  • Blast Injuries – During a catastrophic explosion, the device explodes into sharp and dangerous pieces of shrapnel that cause burns, laceration and even bruising. Injuries from the blast’s shockwave have also been reported.

The dangers of a lithium ion battery explosion are far more serious for a hoverboard user than a smart phone or E-cigarette user. The reason? The batteries used to power hoverboards are significantly larger and more powerful than those used in phones and vaporizers. The bigger the bomb, the bigger the explosion. Statistics show that hoverboard explosions are more likely to be caused by a factory defect when compared to vaporizers and handheld electronics explosions.

If you have experienced a catastrophic failure with your hoverboard, (hoverboard caught fire, or your hoverboard exploded) and you were injured or your property was damaged as a result, please let a Stockton injury attorney at The Friel Law Firm help you secure compensation for your injuries.

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